This new format in conjunction with LinkedIn’s unique targeting capabilities allowed Tilt Metrics companies to hyper-target key audiences, building the trust and authority they need to successfully drive cost-efficient, high-quality leads.

  • -52% CPL
  • -44% CPC
  • +64% higher CTR
  • +85% higher Lead Gen Form Completion Rate

Tilt Metrics is hired and trusted to build their clients cost-efficient lead gen strategies to help generate a pipeline of warm qualified leads. Long form content plays an impactful role in many of their customers' strategies however, Tilt Metrics was limited to using Single Image Ads to promote customer guides and eBooks, which required members to leave the platform to consume their documents. While the agency was seeing strong results on LinkedIn, they felt they could drive even better performance by leveraging a document-based creative that was specifically intended for long form content.


Tilt Metrics decided to test LinkedIn Document Ads, a new format that allows members to read and download both gated and ungated content directly in their feed without having to leave LinkedIn. They used the same document, audience, and campaign set up, but swapped out Single Image Ads for Document Ads. The results were outstanding. By sharing a preview of the document prior to asking members to submit their information, they generated 85% more high-intent leads at a 52% lower cost.

Typically, Tilt experienced a 50% drop off rate from someone downloading their document after becoming a lead versus accessing and consuming the content in an email later. By keeping members in feed, they were able to dramatically increase document consumption and view rates since they could confidently say 100% of leads at least read part of their document. Document Ads created an easy to implement, low friction interaction that aligned with members preferences to consume content in the feed. His one tip? He recommends skipping the cover page and leading with thought provoking content to draw the member in as soon as possible.