• 8X higher Engagement rates
  • 3.5X higher CTR
  • 319% lower cost per click
  • Members exposed to Document Ads prior to other Sponsored Content campaigns were 135% more likely to click through and 50% more likely to become a lead.

Trullion implemented a multi-product approach on LinkedIn, mainly using the platform for top-of-funnel initiatives aimed at generating net new demand to introduce into their nurture strategy. They needed to reach new prospects with engaging, diverse content to grow awareness and interest in their company. Additionally, they needed to collect more insights on what types of content resonated with key audiences to inform their future messaging strategy.


  • Trullion identified an opportunity to better leverage documents from their content library to provide prospects with helpful information prior to requesting they sign up for a demo. Using LinkedIn Document Ads, Trillion boosted engagement by promoting their content directly in members' feeds where they could read and download documents without leaving the platform. By sharing readable and downloadable content directly in the feed they were able to increase engagement rates by 8X and click through rates by 3.5X.
  • Trullion found that Document Ads played a vital role in nurturing prospects down the funnel. Instead of pushing members directly to a demo, they first used Document Ads to give them more information about their industry, relevant problems they face, and potential solutions. Sharing this content early in the buying process positioned Trullion as thought leaders and positively impacted customer perceptions of their products, accelerating interest down the funnel.
  • Additionally, they used Document Ads to retarget members who had already seen a Single Image Ad promoting the same content but didn’t download the document. By sharing a preview of the eBook in their feed, members were able to read the beginning of the document and decide whether to continue reading as opposed to blindly downloading the eBook based on a single image. Members who were exposed to a Document Ad prior to a Sponsored Content were 135% more likely to click through and 50% more likely to become a lead.

Engaging Finance Decision Makers at scale

  • Strategically inserting documents throughout their LinkedIn nurture strategy helped Trullion to increase conversion efficiency and further build their brand-to-demand strategy. Additionally, using LinkedIn’s precise targeting, they were able to expand reach across their key audience of CFO’s and Finance decision makers in a professional environment. This helped them to better understand trends, what is and isn’t working with their audience, and what types of content best resonates with these audiences.
  • Moving forward, Trullion plans to maximize success by focusing on diversifying their full-funnel strategy by establishing themselves as thought leaders to improve demand generation results across all platforms.