More high-quality sales opportunities, more efficiently

  • Saved approximately 10 hours per week, equivalent to 25% of a full-time employee's time.
  • 5 times quicker detection of anomalies and resolution of issues.
  • TMR's affordability ensured a substantial return on investment.
  • With full-funnel visibility, KPI Media could measure the influence of different marketing channels on each other, helping clients
    understand the impact of their paid media campaigns on bottom-line results.
  • Visualizing campaign performance across multiple channels enabled swift strategic decisions for optimizations and budget reallocations.
  • Increase in client's conversions on LinkedIn Ads by approximately 20%.

To address these issues, KPI Media turned to TMR as their reporting software of choice. 

  • By integrating TMR with LinkedIn Ads, they gained real-time access to performance data from all marketing channels.
  • This integration provided a holistic view of campaign performance by visualizing LinkedIn's data alongside data from other advertising channels.
  • TMR's intuitive software and user-friendly interface facilitated a seamless onboarding experience for KPI Media, making it their go-to reporting tool.

TMR’s ability to measure beyond just leads, considering factors like opportunity size, revenue, lifetime value, and return on investment, enabled KPI Media to demonstrate to their customers the value of investing in brand awareness. This collaboration between KPI Media, Two Minute Reports, and LinkedIn showcases the transformative potential of technology in optimizing marketing operations and driving business growth. By leveraging TMR and LinkedIn's powerful targeting capabilities, KPI Media automated their reporting processes and achieved incredible results for their customers resulting in a 20% increase in conversions.