University of South Australia
  • To drive enrolment for UniSA Online’s undergraduate degrees among mid-career professionals in a cost-effective manner
  • To clearly articulate the value of UniSA Online as a brand differentiator from other offerings in the market
  • Used LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to accurately identify audiences who are open to education and upskilling opportunities
  • Adopted an always-on, full-funnel marketing strategy to meaningfully and consistently engage audiences
  • Served a mix of Video and Single Image Ads, using A/B testing to optimise creative performance
  • Retargeted engaged audiences for lead conversion
Success factors
  • Messages tailored to audience journey: UniSA used emotional messages at the top of the funnel, including social proof in the form of student testimonials, to share its value proposition and spark interest. This was followed by rational messages at the bottom of the funnel to drive conversions
  • Journeying with prospects: While competitors typically market during enrolment season, UniSA’s consistent brand presence made it easier – and more cost effective – to convert warm audiences into quality enrolments