How do you successfully engage an audience of time-poor senior human resource professionals?

Standard Chartered Bank wanted to explain the staff benefits of its employee banking offering to senior human resource professionals within its target markets. But HR executives are a busy audience that's being bombarded with new information all the time. To really reach them requires an on-point message delivered at the right time and from a trusted source.

Working with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services, the bank started building that trust through ongoing, authentic and relevant conversations around what employees want and need. Then Standard Chartered Bank could assess what its audience's key needs were and from there, find the best way to engage with them.

This approach delivered up to 9x more leads than usual. It also allowed Standard Chartered Bank to ascertain not only what was being read and shared, but how the audience was consuming the content and how website traffic and active leads were impacted.

Download Start Conversations, Build Trust to find out how Standard Chartered Bank built content that helped the Bank target its audience with pinpoint accuracy.