At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we use our own products, ‘sprinkle on our own spices’ so to speak and now we’re ready to share EXTRA HOT insider tips for effective LinkedIn campaigns.

It's the same bottle, but packed with a new punch. It's a holistic, tactical look at how LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing. It’s created for practitioners, by practitioners.

So why is this Secret Sauce so spicy? Among the tasty additions for this extra-hot concoction:

  • Our latest A/B tests and real results using LinkedIn Sponsored Content, InMail, Dynamic Ads, and Lead Gen Forms
  • Tactical tips on campaign naming, bidding and budget management and targeting
  • Tactics we’ve developed to maximize recently unveiled tools like LinkedIn Matched Audiences, Website Demographics and Conversion Tracking

You know what they say ... if you can’t handle the heat, stay away from the fire. But if you’re ready, read on to get in the tactical trenches!


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