After a record-breaking 2021, global venture funding pulled back significantly in 2022, forcing startups to recalibrate their target metrics. A total of $415.1 billion was invested in startups worldwide, marking a 35% YoY decline₁. US startups alone attracted a total investment of $198.4 billion, experiencing a 37% YoY decline₁. 

In response to the shifting economy, we studied how B2B startups addressed three emergent challenges to achieve growth:

  • Buyers’ shifting priorities: Startups are adapting to their buyers’ shifting needs and behavior in two ways: Motions and Messaging

  • Slowing sales pipeline: Startups are leveraging account-based marketing (ABM) and taking Sales and Marketing alignment a step further to advance active opportunities

  • Increasing competition: Startups are winning competitive deals by creating mental availability among all category buyers and leveraging brand advertising

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