How Adhook and LinkedIn work together

Manage all your LinkedIn accounts from one location with Adhook’s certified integration for campaign management, page management, and reporting.

From publishing ad campaigns and planning posts to creating custom reports, Adhook helps you increase efficiency in managing your brands on LinkedIn.

Unleash your creativity with Adhook’s AI assistant, which allows you to use generative AI to craft new content ideas or tailor your content for LinkedIn.

  • Multi-Purpose
    Adhook brings your social media management to the next level by providing a comprehensive planning overview and automated publishing features. From campaign management to reporting and post publishing to employee advocacy, Adhook covers your brand's LinkedIn marketing possibilities in one tool.

  • Multi-Brand
    Whether you need to manage your LinkedIn presence for one or hundreds of brands, Adhook covers you. Enable your brands to make the most of their LinkedIn marketing activities using features like review workflows, content templates, or audience templates. A brand can act as what you name it, typically a product division, department, country organization, franchisee, or agency client.

  • Multi-Platform
    Plan your ad campaigns and posts for multiple platforms or easily reuse content from other platforms for your LinkedIn accounts. Adhook acts as the coordination tool between your headquarters, the brand's staff, and the platforms you use.

Claudia Troger
Claudia Troger
Senior Social Media Manager