Powerful Reporting

  • Integration with 3rd Party Tracking (Google Analytics, Marin
  • Integration with Offline/Downstream conversions events 
  • Flexible reporting within and across LinkedIn campaigns with unlimited data retention• Cross-channel reporting for other paid media channels includes Search, Social and eCommerce
  • Custom columns to define your KPIs Pivot-table
  • Rollup and Tagging using Dimensions
  • Easy data visualization and Powerful Dashboards
  • Recurring reporting in multiple formats
  • Automated  Data Export Capabilities 
  • Seamless integration with BI Tools 
  • Automated Alerting based on changes in account performance

Optimization Suite

  • Advanced automated bidding to large array of
    business goals (Cost per lead, ROAS, Weighted KPIs) 
  • Custom Bid Modifiers to respond to external signals
  • Creative A/B Testing to identify the best performing creatives
  • Budget Pacing and Forecasting to help get the most out your investments
  • Performance Insights and Recommendations
  • Search Intent Targeting to refine messaging