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For the past 5 years, we've helped B2B marketing teams at both start-ups & enterprises close more revenue with smart account based plays

Personalized ads, reusable play-books & readily available support is how we're different from big box softwares

How Recotap and LinkedIn work Together

Recotap’s integration with LinkedIn allows B2B marketers to run personalized ads to every target account.

Marketers can build custom segments & lists within LinkedIn ads & run personalized ads


Recotap is an ABM platform that helps marketers find, engage & convert high priority accounts using B2B data, cross channel engagement, ad personalization, and deep analytics. Recotap’s integration with LinkedIn helps B2B marketers:

Build New Pipeline - Find target accounts, launch ABM campaigns, track performance, get insights & generate new pipeline - All with Recotap

Accelerate Pipeline - Move deals through pipeline faster by getting the right messages in front of the right decision maker at the right time.

Customer Marketing - Upsell, cross-sell & provide value-added services based on customers' current relationship with your company

Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma
Head of Account Based Marketing APAC, Europe & India.

Highlights of using Recotap with LinkedIn