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RevSure is the only Full-Funnel Attribution Solution that enables modern demand generation teams to 3X their pipeline and confidently prove marketing ROI.

How RevSure and LinkedIn work Together

RevSure enables you to measure real-time lead, pipeline, and booking ROI across every type of ad campaign within LinkedIn.

Our native integration collects all of the interaction signals from LinkedIn and brings them into your RevSure dashboard, giving you unprecedented, AI-powered insight into campaign performance at every stage of the lead journey.

Uncover the best tactics, determine how every ad impression and click is influencing pipeline, and confidently prove the ROI of every LinkedIn campaign.


  • Get a complete view of campaign performance and how every touch point impacts the pipeline.
  • See full-funnel attribution from visitor to opportunity.
  • Uncover the tactics that generate pipeline.
  • Get real time recommendations to maximize campaign effectiveness.
  • See what campaigns are working, and which ones are falling flat.
  • Make reallocation decisions based on customized goal metrics.
  • Easily track Relocation Opportunity to chart unrealized campaign potential.
  • See journeys at aggregate as well as individual lead/account/opportunity levels.
  • Identify the role of campaigns and their contributions at different stages of the journey.
  • Get “next-best touch” recommendations based on the unique journey of each account/lead.
  • Visualize the sourced, generated and open funnel for each campaign.
  • Drill into each campaign’s influenced leads, accounts, opportunities and metrics.
  • See what works best at every stage of the funnel.
Zane Halstead
Zane Halstead
Senior Marketing Operations Manager at mabl