• Planning + Publishing
    Plan your messages to reach a relevant audience through Sprout’s calendar tool, Optimal Send Times, and scheduled posts for LinkedIn and other social channels.
  • Collaborating + Managing Tasks
    Organize your team’s tasks and track activities by tagging messages internally, creating an approval workflow and adjusting user permissions.
  • Monitoring + Engaging with Customers
    Empower your customer care team to create a positive brand experience through a holistic view of customer conversations in the Smart Inbox, post management, and internal tagging capabilities.
  • Analyzing + Reporting ROI
    Track and report ROI of social spend to other parts of your business through analytics and reports on sponsored and organic engagements.

  • Listening + Discovering business intelligence
    Extract key business intelligence from global conversations with Sprout’s enterprise-ready Social Listening solution, intuitively designed and powered by AI technology.