Image representing click-to-message ads

How do click-to-message ads help me?

Illustration representing grabbing attention

Grab your audience's attention

Hook your audiences' attention in their feeds with a capitvating message, image, and call-to-action button (CTA)

Illustration representing driving conversations

Drive high-intent conversations 

Reach prospects with a customized message when they’re ready to engage​

Illustration representing moving audiences down funnel

Move audiences down the funnel

Move your audience down the funnel with messaging experience they can customize to their stage of the buyer journey ​

How click-to-message ads work

A simple, engaging two-step process allows your audience to interact with your brand on a deeper level

Illustration representing capturing attention

Capture their attention

Step 1: Utilize a powerful image and message on your ad to get your audience's attention in-feed and interested in clicking your call-to-action (CTA) button.

Engage in conversation

Step 2: By clicking your CTA, interested members are driven to a conversation with your business in the Focused tab of their LinkedIn inbox.

Now in conversation, members can interact with selected CTA buttons that guide them to take a specific desired action, like visiting your brand's website, or requesting more information on your offering.

Illustration representing engaging in conversation
Illustration representing staying relevant

Stay Relevant

That's it! Even after members exit out of the click-to-message ad, they can revisit the message within the Focused tab of their LinkedIn inbox.

How to get started with click-to-message ads

A simple quick-start guide to create your first click-to-message ads.

Image of campaign manager editing

In Campaign Manger, edit an existing click-to-message campaign or create a new one. Select the "Messaging" objective and create an ad

Image of campaign manager editor adding content

Add an image, add text, choose a call-to-action, and select a conversion asset.

Image of campaign manager saving changes

Click to save and add the new click-to-message ad to your current campaign.