A Guide for Practitioners by Practitioners

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we use our own products, we drink our own champagne and now we’re getting ready to share a true insider’s look into how we have found success.

This guide is unlike any we have created before -- it brings together the minds of those on our content marketing team, the demand generation team, product marketing, and ad operations team to give you a holistic, tactical look at how we execute effective campaigns on LinkedIn.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Why You Need a Marketing Plan for LinkedIn
  • Content and Campaign Best Practices, including campaign naming, bidding and budget management & more
  • How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions A/B Tests and Measures Results
  • How We Use Targeting
  • Your Top LinkedIn Advertising Questions Answered

Download the guide today and get a driver's seat perspective on how we use our own marketing solutions.

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