Each day, millions of marketers face the challenge of balancing brand building with lead generation. This balance can sometimes cause marketers to choose one over the other, but why do we need to make this tradeoff? We believe in the importance of building a holistic marketing strategy and with our new suite of features, it’s now easier than ever for marketers like you to achieve both brand and demand goals on LinkedIn.

To bring this vision to life, we’ve put together a playbook to give you the tools and tactics to engage your target audience throughout their customer journey and drive business impact. 

Our Brand and Demand Playbook is like having a marketing advisor in your pocket. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What ad formats and targeting features you have in your LinkedIn toolbox
  • How to combine feed and messaging to reach and convert your audience
  • How the best global marketers are using a brand and demand approach in their strategy
  • How to leverage LinkedIn Audience Network, retargeting, and other tools to reach your audience throughout their buying journey 

Now you can achieve your brand and demand goals on LinkedIn.