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  • The audience is automatically split into two groups for the duration of the test.

  • Audience segments are only exposed to one of two campaigns.*

  • Results are available in the Testing dashboard of Campaign Manager.

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  • First, Brand Lift splits the audience into control and test groups.
    • The control group enables you to take a baseline of your brand’s perception. Users will not be shown your current brand ads during the flight of Brand Lift test.
    • A subset of users in the treatment group will be shown your brand ads during the flight of Brand Lift test.

  • Then, Brand Lift surveys a subset of people in both the control and treatment groups, analyzing the differences in how they respond in order to calculate the causal impact of the ads.
  • In addition, it uses several advanced statistical methods that improve result reliability and reduce the impact of experiment-related biases.
  • Finally, it provides benchmarks and demographic breakdowns for your results, so long as there is enough data to do so.
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