Engaging the Government Audience on LinkedIn

Nearly every modern business today interacts with the government. Perhaps your business or industry is impacted by legislative and regulatory policy. Or maybe your sales team sells into government customers. In many cases it’s both, and that makes it incumbent upon teams from public affairs, communications, marketing, and sales to understand the government audiences and how to reach them.

Join Erica Pyatt, Sandra Valminord and Nick DeSarno, Senior Manager in the Public Affairs Council’s Digital and Communications practice, as they discuss the opportunity to reach and engage the government audience on LinkedIn.

In the hour, you’ll learn:

  • LinkedIn’s unique positioning in the market
  • What government employees engage with on LinkedIn
  • Best practices in digital advocacy
  • How to find and target key audiences on the platform: government employees and policy influencers

Featured Speakers

Erica Pyatt
Erica Pyatt
Senior Account Executive
Advocacy & Government
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Sandra Valminord
Sandra Valminord
Insights Analyst

Nick DeSarno
Nick DeSarno
Senior Manager
Digital and Communications Practice
Public Affairs Council