On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 60 minutes

Healthcare has and always will remain critical to our global community. However, people are increasingly seeking health-related content from trusted experts in the industry. Now is the time for healthcare marketers to amplify their purpose to meet the needs of their communities and LinkedIn is the place to do it.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn strategies for healthcare marketing on LinkedIn and discover how other healthcare marketers found success on the platform. 

This On-Demand webinar will provide healthcare marketing professionals — from social media marketers to brand marketers — the insights and ideas to build advanced healthcare marketing strategies.

During the hour, you’ll hear from Lauren Ruotolo, Director of Creative Partnerships at Johnson & Johnson, Amanda Bates, Head of Growth Marketing at Ginger and Mike Bordieri, Senior Content Consultant at LinkedIn while learning:

  • The importance of trust in healthcare
  • Insights and best practices as marketers navigate the road to recovery 
  • Why LinkedIn is essential for innovative healthcare marketers to develop winning strategies

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Featured Speakers

Lauren Ruotolo
Lauren Ruotolo
Director of Creative Partnerships
Johnson & Johnson
Amanda Bates
Amanda Bates
Head of Growth Marketing
Mike Bordieri
Mike Bordieri
Senior Content Consultant