Evolve Your Customer Presence
Bringing Intention and Purpose to Sales and Marketing

On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 60 minutes

Watch this On-Demand webinar for Evolve Your Customer Presence: bringing intention to sales and marketing. During the hour event, Upstream CEO, Doug Weaver, will share his thoughts of what is ahead for sellers and marketers:

  • A vision for what’s ahead (Spoiler: We’re not going back!)
  • Observations on reinventing sales and customer relationships
  • Rules and values to anchor you and your team as you navigate
  • Practical advice on the little things that carry outsized weight in a screen sharing world

If you want to learn more about Evolve by LinkedIn, visit the overview page here.

Doug Weaver
Doug Weaver
Founder & CEO
Upstream Group
Ann Lundberg
Ann Lundberg
Director, Venture Sales