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As an industry, we have always believed B2B and B2C marketing to be two separate and distinct worlds: the B2B marketer uses targeted outreach to nurture selected, high-value prospects over a long sales cycle, while the B2C marketer employs mass marketing to reach as wide an audience as possible.

But as B2B buying decisions grow increasingly complex, our research suggests that certain strategies, which are traditionally regarded to be more B2C in nature, may offer immense value in a changing B2B world. These are:

  • When you build your brand first, sales will naturally follow
  • When you market to as many people as possible, you’re investing in long-term growth
  • When you make an emotional connection, you up your chances of winning  

Join us as we take a closer look at the strategies in question, why they deserve your attention and how you can leverage them to boost your B2B marketing efforts.

Featured Speakers

Sushil Bhasin
Sushil Bhasin
Marketing Head, Asia and Middle East Human Capital at Aon
Filippo Stefanelli
Filippo Stefanelli
Chief Marketing Officer
Manoj Rijhwani
Manoj Rijhwani
Head of Online Sales, India

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