2021 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study

On-Demand Webinar
60 minutes

We’ve gathered insights from nearly 3,600 management-level professionals who consume thought leadership to help marketers, communicators and salespeople better understand what’s behind this trend and how to break through the noise — including when to use thought leadership and what attributes B2B audiences want to see from companies.

We hope the findings shed light on how your own organization shows up in the marketplace — and helps to spark new thinking and ideas that you can use in your thought leadership efforts.

Tune into our upcoming Live with Marketers broadcast to uncover:

  • How the pandemic has affected the b2b thought leadership space
  • What constitutes high-quality thought leadership content
  • The 5 scenarios in which thought leadership can be critical importance to a brand

Featured Speakers

Alexandra Rynne
Alex Rynne
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Tusar Barik
Tusar Barik
Director of Agency & Partnership Marketing
Joseph Kingsbury
Joseph Kingsbury
U.S. Managing Director, Edelman Business Marketing