Brand Management in the Age of Corporate Responsibility

On-Demand Webinar
60 minutes

Create stronger corporate reputations by learning about brand management from some of the brightest minds in B2B.

As a marketer, you know that people expect brands to do more than simply deliver a great product or service at a fair price. Not only are modern brands expected to deliver on a clear purpose in meaningful and measurable ways, but they need to have transparent and well-articulated positions on social, cultural, and environmental issues as well.

In this episode of Live with Marketers, you will hear from world-class marketing leaders about:

  • How to build executive voices and unify them with brand marketing
  • Sparking authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations
  • Best practices in marketing your company’s environmental, social and governance practices

Featured speakers

Alex Rynne
Alex Rynne
Content Marketing Lead
Lida Citroën
Lida Citroën
Reputation Management Expert
Obed Louissaint
Obed Louissaint
SVP, Transformation and Culture