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Rocketlane is a purpose-built customer onboarding and Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform that focuses on accelerating time to value, enhancing customer satisfaction, and reducing churn. Their unique unified workspace replaces generic project management, document collaboration, and communication tools, improving communication, collaboration, and project visibility for businesses and their customers.


  • seamlessly integrated with Rocketlane's CRM and Slack platforms, providing real-time data and reports on marketing performance. This integration helped Rocketlane to track the impact of their marketing efforts, get information on high-value prospects, and ensure smooth data-flow between systems.
  • delivered vital insights into lead generation and overall data trends, which Rocketlane leveraged to refine their marketing strategies, optimize content performance, and generate high-quality leads.
  • supported Rocketlane in integrating their LinkedIn Ads with the platform. The integration process was streamlined, with guiding Rocketlane through the major integration tasks.
Photo of a woman working at her laptop
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  • LinkedIn Ads enabled Rocketlane to effectively target specific titles in various industries, and achieve a better targeting precision, resulting in a 34% increase in lead generation.
  • With LinkedIn’s lead gen forms, the conversion rate for the overall website increased from 0.1% to 3-4%, almost 40 times higher.
  • With the help of, Rocketlane successfully measured the ROI of their LinkedIn Ads campaigns, gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing investments in half the time.
  • Actionable insights into lead generation provided by, were used to enhance Rocketlane’s marketing strategies and helped them allocate resources towards the most effective channels and campaigns. and LinkedIn played crucial roles in Rocketlane's growth and marketing success.

  • LinkedIn Ads enabled Rocketlane to implement precise targeting, which improved lead generation and facilitated better engagement with the target audience. Rocketlane plans to continue leveraging LinkedIn and in the future. Additionally, they aim to further explore the capabilities of, expanding their usage beyond the current integration and taking full advantage of the platform's offerings.
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Steve Colberg
Head of Growth