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North America Spotlight

B2B marketers in North America are prudent about the upcoming disruptions in the market. More than half of B2B leaders say their biggest business priority for the next year is balancing brand and demand marketing initiatives in an uncertain environment.

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Regional B2B Leaderboard

Top Brands in North America

Leveraging LinkedIn’s B2B Index, The B2B Leaderboard identifies a distinct cohort of B2B companies worldwide that excel at brand building. By examining factors such as creativity, distribution and investment, we generate a composite score for every organization in the B2B Index. This allows us to build a comprehensive and comparable assessment of effective B2B brand building for companies within the same industry. Not just one, but four regional lists (APAC, EMEA, LATAM-Brazil, NAMER) complement a singular global index, underscoring these brands’ diverse and widespread influence.

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LinkedIn calculates the B2B Index by looking at three dimensions that signal strong performance on the platform:

  • Brand Investment
    (Examples: Paid Spending, Posting by Company Executives)

  • Brand Creative Quality & Investment Effectiveness
    (Examples: Dwell Time, Customer Outcomes)

  • Brand Advocacy & Visibility
    (Examples: Qualified Applications, Non-Employee Mentions)
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Jim Habig
VP of Marketing, LinkedIn

"Our composite score takes into account the most important features of a strong B2B brand: creative quality, investment and audience intent. We're using this index to analyze best-in-class B2B work, and our leaderboard celebrates the organizations that stand out for their brand work."

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B2B Budgets & Outlook

In NAMER, B2B organizations are allocating more budget toward generating new business than toward retaining existing customers.

Percentage of B2B marketing budget allocation

5 out of 10 marketers say balancing brand and demand marketing initiatives in an uncertain environment stands out as one of the biggest business priorities for the next year in NAMER, compared to other regions.

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The B2B Marketing Organization

Achieving excellence in B2B marketing requires a combination of skills, practices, relationships and tools.

As the role of the CMO continues to evolve within the C-Suite, there is a growing emphasis on soft skills such as problem-solving, innovative thinking and agility/adaptability. These qualities are increasingly crucial not only for leaders but also for their team members.

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Leaders and their reports are embracing creative skills strategically and tactically.

The Evolving Role of the CMO

B2B leaders in NAMER say that CMOs are expected to leverage creative brand building to improve memorability of products & services.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI and Accessibility are top of mind for B2B leaders in NAMER.

B2B marketers in NAMER are focused on being inclusive and accessible in their marketing content and advertising campaigns.

1 in 2 B2B companies reported creating accessible content and inclusive campaigns.

Animated infographic depicting DEI efforts for inclusivity and accessibility in marketing content and campaigns: 65% include POC Images, 55% Accessible Content, and 53% Inclusive Campaigns.
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B2B Marketing Strategies

What are the most important avenues for reaching B2B customers and prospects?

B2B marketers are quickly realizing the importance of emerging technologies like AI in reaching their audiences. Though generative AI is not being used by a majority of B2B marketers, nor do many have a good understanding of how to use it, the majority of B2B marketers in NAMER (77%) are excited about investing in generative AI in the next year.

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52% plan to use AI to increase efficiency so they can focus on higher value work.

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49% plan to use AI to create optimized and engaging content.

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52% plan to use AI to generate more content in less time.

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