• Atomic 212 needed to scale data reporting to meet increased campaign volume.
  • LinkedIn Ads campaign spending grew 27% across all clients year on year.
  • Employees spend more than 20 hours weekly on tasks like data extraction, formatting, and visualization.

  • Limited time to deep dive into results and provide strategic insights.
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  • With Supermetrics, Atomic 212 was able to increase productivity by 30%.

  • Supermetrics’ connector solutions sped up data extraction with data piped automatically from sources like LinkedIn.

  • Supermetrics’ automated dashboards eliminated the need for manual visualization.
  • A 30% increase in reporting productivity helped teams spend more time on strategic analysis.

  • 20 hours saved weekly per employee, thanks to automated data extraction and visualization.

  • Enabled a mindset shift away from operational activities, creating more focus on solving clients’ challenges.

  • Better insights helped clients across SaaS, Retail, Logistics, and Trade industries improve their cost-per-acquisition (CPA).
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Will Ridley