16,000 customers in over 120 countries use Supermetrics because we are experts in marketing data delivery.

  • Easy access to your LinkedIn data - Deliver it to the tools you use everyday, such as spreadsheets and BI tools, or to more permanent storage solutions like data warehouses and data lakes
  • Access granular data - Find all the metrics and dimensions you need for your LinkedIn reports
  • Gain deeper insights - 70+ sales and marketing data sources means you can share or combine LinkedIn data with ease
  • Simplify operations - Automate data delivery and schedule automatic data refreshes
  • Increase data workflow efficiency - Spend more time using your LinkedIn data and less time moving it
  • Secure data transfers - For complete peace of mind
  • Grows with your business - Your data delivery needs are not static, they increase in complexity as your business grows, and Supermetrics is always ready to help you with the next step on your data journey