Engaging IT decision makers at scale with LinkedIn Audience Network
The Results
Reach qualified leads

HP had historically utilized third-party data and web cookies to identify, target, and nurture new leads, but its own research had confirmed these methods were quickly becoming less accurate and more expensive. With its existing LinkedIn Feed advertising campaigns proving successful, HP sought to leverage its existing targeting data to reach key IT and cybersecurity leaders across other trusted websites beyond LinkedIn. 

HP turned to LinkedIn Audience Network to reach its core audience members on third-party apps and websites they use and trust. With LinkedIn, HP could target based on users’ professional demographics, including job titles and job functions and easily set up and run ABM campaigns. It could also drive stronger engagement and ROI by utilizing its existing campaign settings, including bidding and budgeting insights.

The approach
Success factors

With LinkedIn Audience Network, HP could supplement its LinkedIn Feed activity and target leads using the platforms’ one-of-a-kind first-party data on B2B professionals.

HP could trust that, with LinkedIn, its ads would only be served on quality apps and partner sites. The team worked alongside LinkedIn experts to upload a custom block list and ensure campaigns were delivered with maximum relevance and context.

Headshot of John Marshall Head of Global Media Investment and Innovation