The case for LinkedIn Audience Network
  • Merkle B2B adopted an always-on, full-funnel strategy on LinkedIn to meet Mimecast’s needs for quality leads. The campaign started in the LinkedIn feed only, using brand videos to build awareness and high-value content downloads and demo offers to drive conversions.
  • While this was producing satisfactory results, Merkle B2B recognised that while their target audience of IT decision makers is very active on LinkedIn, they were missing out on the opportunity to engage them when they visited other sites. That’s where LinkedIn Audience Network came in.
  • Discussions with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions allayed any brand safety concerns that Merkle B2B had from previous experiences with other audience networks. LinkedIn Audience Network only serves ads to a trusted, highly-curated suite of partner apps and sites, ensuring appropriate contextual environment for Mimecast’s ads. They can also preview how the ads will be rendered using LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
Prioritising brand safety
Reaching the exact same audience
  • Merkle B2B’s main motivation for activating LinkedIn Audience Network was to increase brand recall among Mimecast’s target strategic account. Because LinkedIn Audience Network uses the exact same campaign targeting criteria, they were assured that they were reaching only the people who matter. In fact, LinkedIn Audience Network helped them increase clickthrough rates to Mimecast’s website by 4x at 32% lower cost per click.
  • As target audiences were consistently nurtured with campaign messages in the LinkedIn feed and beyond, they were better primed for retargeting. When Merkle B2B served these engaged audiences bottom-funnel conversion ads on LinkedIn, they saw a dramatic 2x uplift in Lead Gen Form completion rates with no impact on lead quality.
Precise targeting at scale
Daniel McDermott