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  • When Publicis Media brought its client’s brand marketing campaign onto LinkedIn, it was part of a multi-channel strategy
  • To further scale their reach and optimise ad frequency, both of which are key to achieving brand recall, Publicis Media activated LinkedIn Audience Network in the Philippines to engage the exact same audience when they visited trusted partner apps and sites
  • With LinkedIn Audience Network only working with a trusted suite of third-party apps and sites, the client’s brand safety concerns were quickly allayed
  • For an added layer of protection, Publicis Media uploaded a custom blocklist, further ensuring that the ads would be served in the right contextual environment
  • LinkedIn Audience Network also supports custom allowlists
Publicis Safety
Publicis Achive
  • Publicis Media was able to grow its campaign reach by 16% without impacting audience quality as LinkedIn Audience Network used the same targeting criteria as its ongoing LinkedIn campaign
  • Ads were served to the same target audience when they were active on other sites, effectively increasing video views by 61%
  • With LinkedIn Audience Network delivering incremental reach and building on momentum from the LinkedIn campaign, Publicis Media successfully set the stage for LinkedIn Audience Network to potentially become an integral part of its recommended go-to market strategy for more clients in the future
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