• Increased Ad Efficiency: Achieved a 2.6x improvement return on ad spend on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn-Driven Win Rates: 61% close rate on opportunities where LinkedIn had influenced the deal
  • Revenue Attributed to LinkedIn: ScreenCloud’s return on ad spend, for LinkedIn, increased over 400% in the past 14 months.

  • Restored trust in Paid Ads: Dreamdata’s insights into the direct impact of LinkedIn ads on pipeline and revenue meant that ScreenCloud could start trusting their paid media again and confidently share results with C-suite to ensure continuous funding and growth.

  • Uncovered hidden Linkedin ad engagement: With the LinkedIn ads engagement report, Dreamdata revealed a significant number of business interactions behind ScreenCloud’s LinkedIn ads, enabling them to identify new target account buying intent.
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  • Longer Sales Cycles due to COVID-19: COVID-19 changed ScreenCloud’s customer profile, where they saw a shift from SMEs to mid-large enterprise organisations – accelerating the growth of their enterprise segment by over 95% year-over-year. With their customer base changing from predominantly smaller, quick-serve restaurants, to larger companies, in deskless industries like manufacturing, logistics and transportation, this ultimately led to longer sales cycles, higher Average Contract Values (ACVs), and the involvement of more decision-makers and influencers. 

  • Changing go-to-market approach: As a result of this, ScreenCloud needed to transition from a product-led growth model to a sales-led growth model.

  • Growing need for customer journey insights: ScreenCloud lacked visibility into long and complex buyer journeys, and faced the challenge of attributing marketing efforts to both influencing pipeline and revenue. 

  • Ambiguity in their paid ads: Despite bringing all paid media inhouse, they were still really struggling to understand the true performance of their paid advertising initiatives, and how to measure their ROAs, against influencing pipeline and revenue for the business.
  • Unified Account-based Data: With Dreamdata, ScreenCloud was finally able to collect, transform and model all their B2B go-to-market data in one place. 

  • Impact and influence of LinkedIn Ads: Dreamdata offered clear insights into the direct impact of LinkedIn advertising on ScreenCloud’s customer engagement, pipeline and revenue through the Return on Ad Spend performance report. 

  • Comprehensive LinkedIn engagement analytics: The LinkedIn engagements report allows ScreenCloud to visualise who is interacting with their LinkedIn Ads and campaigns to ensure they are targeting relevant accounts.
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Luke Farrugia