How Dreamdata and LinkedIn work together

Dreamdata connects your LinkedIn Ads to pipeline and revenue: helping B2B marketers discover the real value of your ads.

Find the ROI of every ad campaign, compare performance across all your ad networks, analyze the impact of your campaigns at different stages of your pipeline, and build target audiences that drive revenue.

Dreamdata's B2B Revenue Attribution Platform connects data from across your go-to-market tech stack to offer unprecedented insight into your B2B customer journey. From anonymous first touch to closed-won, Dreamdata puts an end to guesswork and delivers actionable analysis of what really drives your revenue.

With Dreamdata, B2B companies can:
  • Run custom account-based attribution modeling
  • Data-driven AI Attribution
  • Get the ROAS of every ad campaign
  • Measure content ROI
  • Benchmark growth
  • Predict revenue
  • Make data-driven decisions on what efforts to scale next.