Director of Enterprise Marketing at Webflow

  • Webflow had strong brand awareness and market penetration for its self-serve product, and its internal teams were optimized to deliver against this PLG model. The Webflow team needed to build a productive sales-led growth (SLG) muscle across multiple teams from scratch - ensuring alignment across key functions like marketing, sales, product and finance.

  • As they worked to uncover the right audience for their enterprise offering, the Webflow team also wanted to test and optimize product positioning, pricing, ad copy, creative, and audiences before investing heavily. The insights they gathered from their LinkedIn ad campaigns would inform how to evolve their demand generation approach over time.
  • With a shift to an SLG model, Webflow’s marketing team turned to LinkedIn’s skill, interest, company, and job title targeting to gain a deep understanding of their ideal customer profile (ICP). While they knew that they wanted to reach decision makers within in-house creative teams at companies with more than 200 employees, they wanted to explore new tactics to engage other members of the emerging buying committee across functions, personas and seniority levels to book meetings faster and accelerate time to close.

Establishing cross-functional alignment with sales and finance

  • Shifting to sales-led growth required the Webflow team to look closely at how they empowered their organization to effectively capture, qualify, and close enterprise leads. 
  • The LinkedIn startup team partnered with Morgan’s team to make sure that Webflow’s key cross-functional partners, like sales development and finance, were on the same page and ready to deliver success together. 
  • This included defining and aligning on sales lead outreach service level agreements (SLAs), standing up new reporting and attribution for measurement, building out new enterprise-specific lead scoring  and organizing a sales and marketing alignment workshop to enable Webflow's sales development representatives on best practices for engaging LinkedIn-sourced gated content and demo leads. "I'm very grateful for the LinkedIn partnership. The team held us accountable and it was critical to our success." noted Morgan.

Quickly unlocking SLG insights to capitalize on efficiency & ROI

  • With LinkedIn, Morgan and her team gained a deeper understanding of their ICPs and messaging, as well as their pricing and resonance in the market. They also leveraged LinkedIn’s Account Based Marketing targeting features to identify individuals who worked at target enterprise accounts that were already using Webflow’s self-service offering. 
  • Once the team aligned on top-converting personas, the insights they uncovered from the performance of their LinkedIn campaigns allowed them to identify the most relevant messaging for each persona. For example, campaign performance insights from LinkedIn showed that ads promoting content downloads to enterprise audiences significantly outperformed those that promoted product releases. 
  • This understanding allowed Webflow to evolve its approach and optimize towards top performing assets and messaging. The team then doubled-down on what was working with a multi-product LinkedIn strategy, leveraging Sponsored Content, Lead Gen forms, and Conversation Ads to effectively create and capture demand.

Creating bespoke messages for relevant ICPs through unique targeting

  • Morgan and her team intentionally built content for the different personas they were trying to reach. LinkedIn’s unique targeting capabilities allowed them to deliver bespoke content to the right audiences, something other more intent-driven platforms failed to do. 
  • For those who weren’t already aware of Webflow’s enterprise product, Morgan’s team leveraged content downloads instead of contact sales forms to more thoughtfully generate awareness and demand. They also built content specifically for marketers, who they uncovered were Webflow’s highest-performing audience persona. LinkedIn insights allowed them to hone in on UI and UX designers specifically, who ended up being another high-performing audience for Webflow. 
  • They also tried refreshing ads and experimenting with formats like video to see what converted most efficiently. "With LinkedIn, we were able to see new audiences very clearly. We quickly learned what messaging resonates with each audience, too. And we tested it up front before we invested significantly," said Morgan.

Director of Enterprise Marketing at Webflow