LinkedIn offers a powerful ads platform that enables organizations to uniquely reach, engage and convert their professional audiences at scale. Your ad campaigns will have access to over 700 million LinkedIn members! When first starting out with Linkedin Ads, it may seem intimidating given the many options and the complexity of digital advertising. Don’t worry because this guide will help demystify LinkedIn Ads to help you achieve your marketing goals.

At any given moment on LinkedIn, there are hundreds of millions of auctions occurring at a lightning-fast speed. When a LinkedIn member visits the feed, there is a single auction that ranks ads at once. Ads are then shown to the targeted LinkedIn member in that ranked order. Targeting, bidding, and relevancy all play key roles in how your ads are shown to LinkedIn members.

Having a good understanding of how the LinkedIn ad auction works and which factors affect your campaign’s performance can help you get, and optimize, the results you need. Make sure to download these useful resources to guide you through LinkedIn advertising!

The Auction Elements Guide is a resource that you can use to build and adjust your campaign strategies at each step of the way. Download your Auction Elements Guide to uncover:

  • The basics of the LinkedIn Ad Auction
  • Driving brand awareness through Reach and Frequency
  • How best to Bid for your specific needs
  • What Budgets and Pacing mean for your campaigns
  • How the Forecasting Tool is your ally in campaign setup and review