Additional conversion goals may include:

  • Making a purchase: The macro-conversion all other conversion goals are nurturing potential customers towards.

  • Submitting information: When visitors submit their contact details, they become a lead. The sales team can nurture the relationship so they might become a customer.

  • Calling a business: Businesses providing local services or with brick-and-mortar locations may consider a phone call as a conversion.

  • Registering for a trial: A free account is a micro-conversion, and an upgrade to a paid account would be a macro-conversion.

  • Downloading an asset: This might be an e-book, a guide, whitepaper, comparison chart or other form of content. 

  • Engaging with the site: Engagement can include metrics like time on site, page visits, using a site’s interactive tool, commenting on posts, and sharing content.

While revisiting the positioning of CTAs, it’s also critical to review the context around the landing page CTAs, including:

  • Headlines on the website and landing pages

  • Website copy

  • Visuals

  • Videos

  • Buttons and button copy

  • Form fields

  • Mobile responsiveness