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Headshot of Preethi Sundaram
Preethi Sundaram
Head of Industry Marketing, EMEA and LATAM, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Headshot of Ashraf Kamel
Ashraf Kamel
Director, Technology Vertical, EMEA and LATAM, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Quote from Ashraf “I actually prefer the term ‘enablement’ to the term ‘alignment’. I’m here to enable Preethi and she’s here to enable me.”
Quote from Preethi “A process doesn’t replace the fact that you have a shared strategy or a shared methodology. It has to complement it.”
Quote from Preethi “They might not know it, but our clients influence every bit of our content.”
Quote from Ashraf “If we’d never had the chance to spend time together we might be effective, but I don’t think we’d be as aligned as we are.”

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