Overcoming Livestream Fatigue

On-Demand Webinar
60 minutes

Is it just us or does the live-streaming space seem a bit...crowded?

Our data tells us that:

  • 6.3 million LinkedIn members attended virtual events on the platform following the launch of Events in early 2020
  • LinkedIn Livestreams have increased 89% since March
  • LinkedIn Live videos get, on average, 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters

We know streaming video positively impacts ROI and most companies plan to adopt live broadcasting in the future. But how do you differentiate your video in this new digital jungle?

Tune into our upcoming Live with Marketers to uncover:

  • Streaming best practices from video experts Stephen A. Hart and Goldie Chan
  • Creative tips to combat broadcast fatigue, including content ideas and best-in-class examples
  • Measuring the ROI on broadcasts
  • Insights into the future of broadcasting

Featured Speakers

Alex Rynne
Alex Rynne
Content Marketing Lead
Stephen A. Hart
Stephen A. Hart
Director of New Media Content
SANS Institute
Goldie Chan
Goldie Chan
Head of Community