Employer Branding Strategies that Move the Needle

John Lewis Partnership, BT and Kier Group

Anne Dobey
Anne Dobey
Head of Media Solutions

Anne has been with LinkedIn for 7 years, working with companies from around the UK, EMEA and the world on their Employer Brand. Anne and her team partner with companies defining their Employer Value Proposition, developing channel strategies, and designing media plans to communicate their brands to candidates. Her expertise and interest in all things brand related enable Anne inspire clients working on their employer brand strategy, empowering them to attract top talent.

Stephen Chambers
John Lewis Partnership: Stephen Chambers
Resourcing Delivery Manager

John Lewis Partnership are known for the way their employees advocate working at John Lewis and Waitrose. Here Stephen discusses their Employee Advocacy work and how that creates value at board level.

Graeme Johnson
BT: Graeme Johnson
Global Head of Employer Brand & Talent Acquisition Strategy

The BT brand is recognisable throughout the UK, hear Graeme discuss how BT are executing a content strategy in partnership with their communications team to help BT reach out to a new audience with their Employer Brand.

Barry Holloway
Kier Group: Barry Holloway
Group Head of Resourcing

Kier Group are well known as a construction company, but many aren’t aware of the other business activities within the Group. Pulling together an Employer Value Proposition from diverse business activities has had its challenges- but during the journey, Kier discovered that their various segments had more in common than they thought.