Account-based marketing has become an important element of an overall marketing strategy and it is the basis for aligning program dollars and resources against identified priority accounts in partnership with sales.

Market products and generate opportunities in a more focused way by combining Account Targeting with LinkedIn profile targeting capabilities.

With an audience of more than 630 million professional users, LinkedIn allows you to reach:

  •    6.8M+ C-level executives
  •    40M+ business decision-makers (director-level and above)
  •    61M+ senior-level professionals who influence business decisions

Use Account Targeting to match your target account list against the 8 million+ Company Pages on LinkedIn.

Leverage Account Targeting to tailor content to audiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle: prospects, current customers and churned accounts.

Then, using your list of target accounts, run Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail campaigns that drive new business, reengagement, and upsell.



Run account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns to up to 30,000 specific companies.

How LinkedIn Account Targeting works

Get started


Request a consultation with a LinkedIn account team

A dedicated account team will walk you through account-based marketing best practices and recommend how to use LinkedIn to best fit your needs.


Prepare your account list and identify your target audience

Your LinkedIn account team will run the audience match and provide an estimate of audience reach.


Launch your campaign

After you provide content and creative materials, your account team will set up, test, and launch your Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail campaigns.


Review your results and optimize

Work with your account team to optimize your campaign strategy and measure the impact of your campaigns.

"Account Targeting has enabled us to increase the scale of how many accounts we can target, giving us increased exposure to our most important customers. The fact that we can target in this way, at scale, increases our chances of getting the right people in the right accounts at the top of our funnel."

Suzanne McVey

Head of Global Demand Generation, Swrve


Why use LinkedIn Account Targeting?

LinkedIn advertisers can already target specific companies. Here's what's new:

Ideal for:

  • Advertisers looking to target campaigns to a select group of key accounts of 100 companies or fewer
  • Self-service advertisers
Pro tip: Finding scale may be a challenge unless you are targeting large companies or using this targeting capability to exclude companies.

Ad formats supported:

*Available only to LinkedIn-assisted clients. (Not self-service.)

Ideal for:

  • Advertisers looking to leverage an account list of 300+ (up to 30,000) companies to run account-based marketing campaigns
Ad formats supported:
*Advertisers will need to work with a LinkedIn account representative to set up their target list and launch Account Targeting campaign(s).

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