A collage of photos showing individuals in different settings.
Illustration of an individual next to a line graph.
An individual smiling and sitting down at a table.
Profile picture of Jim Habig.
Illustration of a amber set of documents.
Two individuals sitting together at a conference table and having a conversation.
Animated illustration of profile icons.
Profile picture of Ricky Abbott.
Illustration of a blue set of documents.
Two individuals standing and looking at documents together.
Animated infographic depicting 54% problem solving, 58% agility/adaptability, 50% storytelling, and 50% innovative thinking.

Top changes to the role of CMO

Profile picture of Vanessa Cheal.
Profile picture of Laurie Aquilante (she/her).
Illustration of a red set of documents.
An individual sitting down at their desk with video and audio equipment.
Animated infographic depicting 53%.

Animated infographic depicting 49%.

Animated infographic depicting 54%.
Profile picture of Arun Pattabhiraman.
Illustration of a green set of documents.