The Challenge

  • Whether it’s a Belgium-based CXO working in the renewable energy industry or the CEO of an American company with an annual turnover of more than $10 million and an appetite for merger and acquisition opportunities, niche audiences are Opportunity Network’s bread and butter.
  • The private business networking platform, which invites C-level executives looking to share and uncover opportunities for trading, investment and raising capital, prioritizes the quality of its leads above all else.
  • That meant a generic member acquisition strategy was out of the question. Instead, Opportunity Network wanted to tailor its messaging to each individual market, industry or position in order to reach the right movers and shakers in the main target regions of North America and Europe.

The Solution

  • By using website demographics and campaign performance metrics, Opportunity Network was able to pinpoint the countries, industries and profiles that were performing well. Armed with this data, Opportunity Network launched specific sponsored InMail campaigns targeted at these combinations – for example, campaigns geared towards those working in consumer goods, or CEOs based in Canada looking for investment opportunities.
  • Appealing to these interests and business needs directly resulted in high conversions and lead generation form completion rates.

Why Use LinkedIn?

  • By using LinkedIn’s customized ad targeting capabilities, Opportunity Network is able to reach its niche audience based on key traits – job title, industry and geography – meaning the team can confidently target individuals most likely to engage with its offering.
  • Such precise and powerful targeting enables Opportunity Network to adopt a granular campaign structure on an always-on basis. As a result, the team can continually adapt its messaging for each individual, region or industry, making the content of its sponsored ads as relevant as possible for the recipient.


  • Targeting potential members through a pick n’ mix combination of geography, language, industry, business need and role continues to deliver an impressive number of meaningful leads for Opportunity Network. By tailoring all messaging according to these factors, the campaign avoids feeling like a mass market advertising drive replete with blanket ads, and instead engages with potential members on a more one-on-one basis.
  • Average cost per lead of LinkedIn leads in 2020 was 3x less than through other paid media channels
  • Lead generation campaigns in 70+ countries in 2020, with an average click-through rate of 69.6%
  • LinkedIn number one member acquisition platform (in terms of closing rate of leads and average revenue per member acquired)
  • Opportunity Network’s sales team set to grow each quarter to accommodate increasing demand due to high number of leads from LinkedIn


INDUSTRY: International trade and development
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Salvador De la Rosa
Salvador De la Rosa
Vice President of Growth
Opportunity Network