Why government messaging works on LinkedIn

Foster quality engagement

Reach the professional audiences that matter in a clutter-free, content friendly environment.

Target and reach opinion leaders

Find and engage stakeholders that are core to the success of your campaign.

Leverage first-party data

Unlock LinkedIn's unmatched demographic data on 546M+ global professionals and 15M Canadians.

How to craft your Government campaign on LinkedIn

Target audiences that matter

Accurately target your campaigns by demographic, interest, or persona.

Choose the right products

Choose the right products to help you generate leads, drive website traffic and build brand awareness.

Prepare for success with the right content strategy

Change the way you think about content—how it’s created, how it’s delivered, how it’s received, and what it’s for.

Measure and optimize

LinkedIn gives clear visibility into the impact of your programs at every stage of the program.

Tips and best practices for success

Your checklist to master LinkedIn

We provide a basic strategy and overview for leveraging LinkedIn as a powerful business tool.


Free LinkedIn training on LinkedIn Learning

Learn more about our products with step-by-step tutorials for all LinkedIn offerings across marketing, sales, talent, and learning solutions.

The best government campaigns on LinkedIn

It's the year of government on LinkedIn! Move over private sector, public content has caught the attention of our Canadian audience.

LinkedIn posts for government and economic development professionals

How to use LinkedIn like PM Trudeau

Jennifer Urbanski

Senior Government Lead, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn can drive citizen engagement and government accountability, but only if Ministers and other government organizations build their profiles, company pages, and content strategies.

LinkedIn data reveals Ontario's small businesses may be primed for international trade

Jonathan Lister

VP,  LinkedIn Sales Solutions & Canada Country Manager

The future holds exciting new opportunities for Ontario’s policymakers and businesses to improve ties with high affinity – but underutilized – global trading partners, capitalize on existing employee relationships across business functions, and better leverage industry strengths.

The State of Economic Development Marketing: A Conversation with Angelos Angelou

Andrew Phillips
Economic Development, Associations, and Non-Profits Lead, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Sitting down with an economic developer can provide a wealth of insights, especially  when they share their input on marketing relevance, innovation, and why investing time daily on LinkedIn is so important.

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