Why higher education marketers love LinkedIn

Large and varied audience

Reach more than 675 million members - from clerks to CEOs - in 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Mindset matters

Engage professionals who are in an aspirational mindset and open to your content. Our members are 2x more intent driven and 1.7x more receptive to ads.

Proven results

In 2019, LinkedIn drove 1.8M+ leads and 120k undergraduate and graduate enrollments for US schools.

Power your prospective student marketing on LinkedIn

Gain a competitive advantage

Leverage deeper insights to target prospective students who are more engaged and more likely to enroll

Target audiences that matter

Accurately target your campaigns by demographic, interest, or persona

Optimize each step of your marketing funnel

Take advantage of a mix of organic and paid advertising opportunities to capture mindshare and drive higher enrollment

Measure impact

LinkedIn gives clear visibility into the impact of your programs at every stage of the campaign

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