8 in 10 US internet users have taken an action to limit the information websites, search engines, or apps gather about them.”

eMarketer, Identity Resolution 2022

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Why marketers need to take proactive measures

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Increased restrictions on conversion tracking challenges effective reporting and measurement

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Loss of third-party identifiers challenges precision targeting at scale

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Ignoring privacy concerns risks losing customer trust

Learn more about LinkedIn’s privacy philosophy, how members can leverage privacy settings, and what regulations may apply to you based on where you’re advertising.

Best practices for the privacy-first era

We've laid out the best practices to unlock the full potential of your campaigns, delivering exceptional value while respecting user privacy.

Resilient solutions for a changing digital landscape

We’re invested in helping you maximize your performance on LinkedIn while keeping privacy at the forefront. Explore the solutions that can help you thrive today, and tomorrow.

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Audience Targeting

Reaching across the world’s largest professional network

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Conversion Tracking

Measure and drive performance in the cookieless era

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Lift Testing & Experimentation

Creating data-backed media strategies

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Insights & Reporting

Connecting your marketing efforts to sales outcomes

Audience Targeting Conversion Tracking Lift Testing & Experimentation Insights & Reporting

Audience Targeting

The ability to reach target audiences effectively, at scale, is a leading concern of marketers. But personalization and privacy do not need to conflict. With one billion members around the globe, LinkedIn offers marketers powerful targeting capabilities, fueled by first-party data and predictive AI to help marketers reach the right professional audiences.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking lets you share your most important customer actions with LinkedIn to understand exactly how your ads helped drive these conversions, and train your ads to find more of those conversions in the most effective and efficient way.

Lift Testing & Experimentation

Testing and experimention are the backbone of an effective marketing strategy and will be key to helping you adjust and optimize to maximize your performance opportunities.

Insights & Reporting

Marketing executives are feeling the pressure to prove marketing impact on the bottom line. Connect your first-party data to understand the influence of marketing on outcomes and better understand your customers.

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Alex Long
Digital Marketing

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