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  • Archetype is a global agency with a reimagined model, with consultative services that focus on reputation-building and authenticity, designed to speak to a targeted audience.
  • Guided by a core set of values — Agile, Accessible, Honest, Human — BlueMelon harnesses the power of content, brand and customer experiences to create meaningful connections.
  • Netizency is a versatile agency for outsourcing content needs, offering a multidisciplinary team with services ranging from creation to strategy to media planning and beyond.
  • RedConnect is a global content marketing and creative agency that transforms brands through purpose-driven content, designed for multi-channel consumption. RedConnect specializes in thought leadership powered by subject matter experts in industries like health, finance, and professional services.
  • SCORCH is a strategic brand activation partner with considerable experience and expertise on the LinkedIn platform. Their work is largely centered in the tech and enterprise spaces across thought leadership ebooks, infographic and written content. They bring exceptional reactive capabilities to support marketing goals across the funnel.
  • On a mission to “lead the fight in the war on boredom,” Story Jungle takes an analytical approach to finding and testing the most impactful storytelling styles, then helps brands put them into practice by supporting clients with a dedicated Editor in Chief and Content Strategist.
  • Transmission is a full-service B2B marketing agency with offices around the world. They can help you ensure your decision-making is fully steeped in data-driven testing methodologies.
  • The WIRED Consulting harnesses an extensive network of creators, thought leaders, and tech influencers around the world to empower brands with WIRED Media Group’s editorial expertise. You can create co-branded content with a best-in-class publisher that focuses on the latest technologies across nearly any vertical.
  • QuickFrame is a video creation partner that brings efficiency and affordability to custom B2B video creation, providing strategic direction as well as optimization powered by machine learning. They provide end-to-end video production from filmed video, to animation and explainers.
  • Animoto is your go-to partner for simplified drag-and-drop video creation, with several templates available – including LinkedIn-specific templates – as well as a built-in library of stock photos and videos.
  • Adding text to your videos so people can follow along silently creates an engaging visual experience. Subly makes this easy with automated transcription, subtitling, and translation to help you reach more viewers in more places.
  • VidMob’s video platform enables fast creation of new video content from existing brand assets, and also offers intelligence tools to evaluate performance and build on what’s working best. VidMob is known for quick turnarounds and an always-on approach to optimization based on real-time analytics throughout a campaign.
  • Theorem provides a wide range of services including social assets and in-feed content optimization, all geared around revenue growth and increased efficiency. Their content audits and recommendations can form a roadmap for your LinkedIn program.
  • VidMob is worth listing again here because they are so strong in terms of creative scoring and creative intelligence tools, which allow your brand to pre-test ads before running them on LinkedIn and make optimizations based on real-time data.
  • Our range of Reporting and ROI Partners bring new levels of insight to your LinkedIn content, making it easy to see, understand, analyze, report, and improve upon your results.