Illustration representing click to message ads

Design Recommendations

Single Image Ad File Type: JPG, PNG, or GIF
Single Image Ad File Size: 5 MB
Recommended Single Image Ad: 7680 x 4320 pixels (maximum)
Images less than 401 pixels wide display as a thumbnail image.

Conversation Ad Image Type (optional): JPG or PNG
Conversation Ad Image Size (optional): 5 MB
Recommended Conversation Ad Image: 250 x 250 pixel (maximum)
Conversation Ad Banner Creative Type (optional): JPG or PNG
Conversation Ad Banner Creative Size (optional): 2 MB
Recommended Banner Creative: 300 x 250 pixel (maximum)
This banner is not clickable for click-to-message ads

Text Recommendations

Single Image Ad Name (optional): 255 characters
Single Image Ad Introductory text :  600 characters (maximum)

Conversation Name: 255 characters
Subject: 60 characters
Footer/Terms (optional): 20,000 characters
Intro Message: 8,000 characters
Response Message: 8,000 characters
Reccomendation: Keep formating simple. While bulleting, italics, and bolding are available we recommend simplicity for a conversational space.
You can use up to 10 emojis per message layer in a conversation ad campaign. For example, if your conversation ad has four CTA buttons and each button has a Show next message action, you can have a maximum of 40 emojis.

URL Requirements

URL prefix: http:// or https://
URL characters: 2000 characters for destination field URL
Special characters can cause errors, including > < # " % { } [ ]

Image showing click-to-message-ads
Image of a man sitting at table looking at laptop