Illustration featuring three people looking at a graph.
Bar chart showing that most marketers (77%) measure return within 1 month of a campaign, about half (52%) with a sales cycle 3+ months long, and the least (4%) measuring ROI over 6 months or longer.
Table explaining the difference between KPI and ROI. If your campaign were a book, KPI would highlight what happens after each chapter, whereas ROI would highlight what happened after the entire story. KPI is a forward-looking predictor of end performance, while ROI is a backward-looking informer of future budget allocation decisions.
Infographic showing that 58% of digital marketers say they need to prove ROI in order to justify spend and get approval for future budget asks.
Infographic showing that 63% of digital marketers don’t feel very confident in their ROI measurements today and that 40% of them do not actively share ROI metrics.
Illustration featuring four people looking at different shapes and figures on a screen.