Keep in mind, the CPC can depend on many factors including:

  • The target audience: Some audiences cost more to target (e.g., CEOs, VPs or Directors). Therefore, the cost per click for these campaigns can be higher in many cases
  • Ad formats and placements: Some ad placements are more desirable than others, which will be reflected in their CPCs
  • The target keywords: Some are more expensive than others, so businesses should expect the average cost per click to be higher, too
  • Clearly defined target audience(s) and campaign goals
  • An optimized landing page
  • A clear call to action in an ad (e.g., Learn more, register, and sign up)
  1. Maximum Delivery Bidding: Many ad platforms use historical campaign data and user information to automatically set the right bid for an ad via machine learning. With maximum delivery bidding, marketers are more likely to get the best results for the full ad spend or budget. However, businesses have less control over how much gets paid per click.

  2. Target Cost Bidding: CPC campaigns will be automatically optimized to generate the best results that meet a specified target cost (or up to 30% higher). Target Cost Bidding is recommended for advertisers who want cost predictability with a CPC ad campaign.
  1. Geo-targeting: Targeting only the cities or regions where an audience is located will help maximize the ad spend budget and match the CPCs of that region versus a broader geo-targeted audience.

  2. The targeted device: Mobile and tablet-only targeted campaigns can have different CPC pricing than desktop-only targeting or a combination of both. Again, it depends on the campaign goals and desired outcome.

  3. Customer profile targeting: It’s critical to have a well-defined target audience with “audience attributes” such as demographics, education, and job experience. Ad copy and creative that speaks directly to that audience will also boost an ads’ relevancy score, which we’ll talk about next.
  • Improving the landing page design and copy to lower bounce rates
  • Narrowing target audience attributes
  • Testing different advertising formats, copy and design to see which ones are more relevant to the target audience
  1. Where can I learn how to buy CPC ads on LinkedIn?
    To get started with a CPC ad campaign that can reach millions LinkedIn members online, refer to: “How to advertise on LinkedIn.”

  2. How do I set the right bids for my LinkedIn CPC ad campaigns?
    To find the right strategy that meets an ad campaign’s goals, review the different CPC bidding options available on LinkedIn.

  3. How can I learn to use LinkedIn advertising to its full potential?
    LinkedIn Marketing Labs has a number of training certification courses that teach the ins and outs of the LinkedIn Advertising platform.