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62% of recruiting pros express optimism about AI’s impact on recruitment.
+14% increase in recruiters adding AI skills to their LinkedIn profiles in 2023.
Animated bar graph showing how TA is integrating Gen AI skills into their workplace.
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  • Job performance: To what extent does the new employee achieve or surpass specific goals and objectives related to their job?
  • Team fit: Is the new hire improving the team’s agility? Is the team more capable of getting work done?
  • Culture add: Some employers are looking at whether a new hire’s values are in line with their organizations’ principles and mission.
  • Productivity: Is the individual meeting their productivity targets?
  • Retention: How long an employee stays at the company can be an important indicator of quality of hire, though other variables influence a worker’s length of stay.
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91% of recruiting pros say they are focused on being agile to adapt to hiring needs.
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Chart showing the impact of in-office vs. flexible work policies on recruiting.
+146% increase in remote job applications last year. -46% decrease in remote job postings last year.
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List of the biggest challenges for recruiting in the next 5 years with number 2, attracting and retaining Gen Z, highlighted.
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