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Translating personas into campaign audiences;

  • Khoros mapped its own customer personas to LinkedIn’s targeting parameters to build custom audience segments.
  • Leveraged Matched Audiences to target specific companies.
  • Used the Company Growth filter to identify new prospective accounts.

Testing and learning to optimise and scale;

  • Working with its own award-winning Strategic Services team and digital agency 3WhiteHats, Khoros kept 2 to 5 assets running for every campaign.
  • Each asset was designed to offer a different form of value exchange (whitepaper, case study, report etc) to mine deeper insights about the content that prospects want and to preempt ad fatigue.
  • The team kept a close watch on campaign analytics and responded quickly to dips and peaks in order to optimise performance and spend.
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Validating the quality of leads generated;

  • With LinkedIn integrated into its internal systems, the Khoros sales and marketing teams share visibility on the quality of leads generated and how these are moved down the funnel to become pipeline opportunities.
  • Feedback from sales provides the marketing team with insights that it uses to continuously optimise its campaigns on LinkedIn.