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Overview Customer Quote Implementation
  • Allows you to utilize both third party and first party cookie settings to track conversions.
  • Works with both URL based and Event Specific tracking.
Online Conversion Offline Conversion


  • Access to your website's code base
  • Your Insight tag code or its partner ID
  • Access to the LinkedIn Campager Manager

Refer to the Validate tag placement from your own website section in this Help Center Article on Troubleshooting the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

  1. Open DevTools by pressing Control + Shift + J or Command + Option + J (Mac)
  2. Click the Network panel
  3. Type “ads.linkedin” into the filter bar → refresh the page.
  4. Look for a network request wtih a 302 redirect status code

Alternatively, you can use a Chrome extension called Tag Explorer that displays all of the tag requests for every vendor loading on the site.

  1. Click on the extension
  2. Scroll down to find LinkedIn in the list
  3. Click into each tag request (three dots to the right of each) to check the query string parameters like tag type, PID, and the URL.

Once you have verified that the Insight JavaScript Tag is installed and tracking the page-load event correctly, you can use the Insight JavaScript Tag to track conversions and create custom audiences.


  • Setting up your account for success
  • Most common troubleshooting questions